Recreational & Ornamental Fencing in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Put in the right fencing for your needs with Watt Fencing, providing recreational and ornamental fencing in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Mr. Watt started this company to meet the needs of the community. Contact us to work with the best fencing contractor in the business.
Recreational Fencing
Get ready for fun when we install fencing for recreational areas. From ballpark fencing to batting cages, we can meet all your recreational fencing needs. This includes chain-link backstops on Little League fields. Meet with us to lay out your specific needs.
Swimming Pool Fences
Enclose your swimming pool behind chain-link, ornamental fencing. Swimming pool enclosures are required for safety as well as privacy. Most fences require an automatic, childproof latch on the gate. All fences are built to fit the pool, taking into consideration your needs and requirements.
Ornamental Fencing
Give your fence a more decorative look with our ornamental fencing. Made from aluminum or steel, this fencing is great for swimming pools, yards, or railings. Occasionally, it can be used just for decorative purposes as part of the landscape.
Contact us at (412) 859-3166 in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, to learn more about installing recreational fencing.